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Just the Girls Having Lunch in February

GO RED !!!

and not just in support of our HOGS!

 FEBRUARY  is time to support

Women’s Heart Health!!!

                  Is your heart healthy??? 

At our monthly Luncheon, scheduled on Wednesday, 10 February,  at 11:45 a.m.—– there are several things you need to prep for!

  1. Wear RED.
  2. Bring a heart healthy dish EXCEPT–please see the Reminder below.
  3. Bring  some Valentine’s….either homemade, “school children kind” or simply a package off the shelf——we’ll be “posting” those up to the ladies and gentlemen of Countryside/Meadowview
  4. Bone up on your “heart” knowledge for a prizes!
  5. Bring a book OR at least a title of a book that is your “heart felt” favorite to recommend or share!
  6. Bring your favorite passage on Love from the scriptures!


John 15:9 As the Father has loved Me, so have I loved you.  Abide in my Love.

REMINDER:   If you are planning to come, and it’s your first time here are the rules!

  1. First timer’s don’t bring a dish, just come!
  2. Working girls, don’t bring a dish, just pop in out as your lunch  hour rules allow.
  3. We gather at 11:45.  We PROMPTLY  Eat at Noon– so the working girls can jump in and out!
  4. Fellowship follows lunch!!!
  5. Water, and if we remember to make it, coffee provided!!!  If we forgot it remind us!
  6. Watch for weather policies of the school—if it’s not in session we probably can get there either so no lunch!  Call the church to check if you are in doubt!